Ghostbusters: Answer the Call – Review

NetPIX Online Ghostbusters: Answer the Call – Review

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call – Review

Cast: Melissa McCarthy (Spy, Bridesmaids), Kristen Wiig (Oceans 8, Bridesmaids), Kate McKinnon (Finding Dory, Ted 2), Leslie Jones (Masterminds, We are Family), Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Cabin in the Woods)

Director: Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids)

Screenwriter: Katie Dippold (The Heat), Paul Feig (Spy)

Paranormal investigators go into business to bust some ghosts, as New York begins to experience a deluge of supernatural activity.

Current day reimagining of the much loved ‘84 film Ghostbusters, this time lead by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

Their lives taking them in different directions, estranged friends Abby (Melissa McCarthy) and Erin (Kristen Wiig) are both connected. A, by their genuine belief that ghosts exist, and b, that they have co-written a book testifying to this. A book that Erin thought had remained unpublished.

Erin, now an academic and up for tenure at Columbia University has put such ghoulish shenanigans behind her, and is furious when she discovers that the book is now in print without her permission.

She confronts Abby who is working in a far less salubrious educational institution.

This encounter will lead to both losing their jobs. And so with the tools and the talent, they go into business for themselves. In the nick of time too, as New York becomes the epicentre of paranormal activity, and without the Ghostbusters, who ya gonna call?!!

Having produced the upcoming documentaries CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN: Remembering Ghostbusters and TOO HOT TO HANDLE: Remembering Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters is very close to my heart.

The original of course will never be beaten, because it is exactly that: original. So I will move on and talk about the 2016 all-female incarnation.

Hand on heart, I really enjoyed it.

The visual effects, are very 21st century and a real spectacle. It’s entertaining and offers a great bit of escapism. It’s an easy watch and it made me laugh.

There are enjoyable cameos from some of the original cast and some of our favourite ghoulish characters also make an appearance.

And Chris Hemsworth is great fun!

So if bustin’ makes you feel good, then so will Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Words: Claire Bueno

NetPIX Online Ghostbusters: Answer the Call – Review

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Runtime: 1 hour, 56 minutesYear: 2016Genre: Action, Comedy, FantasyStreaming Service: Netflix UK

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