Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Review

NetPIX Online Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Review

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Cast: Jim Carrey (The Mask, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Truman Show)

Director: Chris Smith (Collapse)

“I have a Hyde inside me,” says Jim Carrey. Question is does he have Andy Kauffman inside him too, whilst portraying the 70’s comic, during the filming of Man in the Moon?

Carrey compellingly recollects his bizarre experience whilst shooting the biopic, in which he plays Andy Kauffman, the alternate / surreal comedian and Taxi actor.

As Carrey reminisces, he reveals a profound philosophy of his own life, and the parallels shared between these two performers.

20 years after the movie, in the depths of the actor’s archive, the behind-the-scenes footage resurfaces to form the back bone of the documentary.

“Most people felt the movie was happening behind the camera,” says Carrey. But at the time the studio hid the behind-the-scenes material, for fear of their golden boy looking like an ‘arsehole’. But it would appear that Carrey had no control over his behaviour.

Danny DeVito, what a cool guy. You can’t help but laugh, as he looks perplexingly at Carrey’s inexplicable behaviour, but just going with it anyway.

I’m not sure I really knew who Andy Kaufman was, if I’m honest. And apart from the Grinch, I wasn’t a Jim Carrey fan either. So here is proof to the strength of the documentary, because; it’s about the people.

I found Carrey’s honesty incredibly moving. He admits to the “feeling of being an outsider” and through his performances he wore ‘The Mask’ (sorry couldn’t resist!) in order to people please, and be liked.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and his engagement with the camera reveals this. He is so transparent, and bravely allows us right on in.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond will make you wonder. Was Jim Carrey method acting? Or was he really channelling the late comedian Andy Kaufman?

Words: Claire Bueno

NetPIX Online Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Review

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