Real Detective – Season 2 – Review

NetPIX Online Real Detective – Season 2 - Review

Real Detective – Season 2 - Review

Cast: Arnold Pinnock (Damnation), Craig Olejnik (The Listener), Louis Ferreira (Breaking Bad)

Director: Gabriel Pelletier (La peur de l'eau), Michel Poulette (Best-Selling Murder), John L'Ecuyer (Murdoch Mysteries)

Creators: Scott Bailey (Real Detective), Petro Duszara (Real Detective), Alain Zaloum (Real Detective)

Real Detective season 2 delivers more incredibly compelling, heart-felt stories from investigators sharing the inner workings of a unique case that had a profound effect on them.

It must take a special type of person to be a detective. They face the most depraved behaviour perpetrated by a human being. Worse still they witness first-hand, the results of their actions, the victims.

Cases investigated in this series include child abduction, child murder, a serial killer, female decapitation; and the Angel Doe case is utterly heart breaking.

You really get the feeling that these cases become all-consuming for the detectives, and in fact revisiting these experiences is incredibly hard.

What is interesting is that the recollections appear to be as vivid as if they had happened yesterday, such is the indelible mark made.

The filmmakers have a responsibility to deal with the stories with respect and sensitivity; and they do. The interviews are intimate, and it feels that a safe environment has been created to allow the detectives to talk openly.

The sharp editing, often presents the most powerful moments, it’s not when the detectives speak, it’s when they don’t that evokes such pathos.

As much as you want to binge watch, some episodes will leave you so shocked that you will need to take a break.

It really is disturbing, what one human being can inflict on another, their motives, their cunning.

Apart from the obvious techniques and tools that the police will use, it is interesting to see how, instinct, gut feeling, hunch, sixth sense reoccur as part of a detective’s arsenal.

Real Detective Season 2 convincingly captures the emotion, and trauma that these cases inflict. Real Detective Season 2 will capture your attention too.

Words: Claire Bueno

NetPIX Online Real Detective – Season 2 - Review

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